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If you landed here, it's for a reason....

Are you finally are ready to heal, to leave the past in the past and create an epic future?



- Wants to feel deep FREEDOM within your own body & mind.
- Knows you are here for a purpose but hasn’t found it yet 
- Is ready to finally heal on the deepest levels possible.
- Is tired of living an unfulfilled life
- Longs to show up in the world as the highest version of oneself.

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Wants to end the cycle of toxic relationships. Wants to love yourself once and for all and actually FEEL unconditional love for yourself.
  • Desires to take control over their life, heal the past and create your own future.

  • Wants to create healthy and loving relationships in your life.

  • Has a deep longing to attract a healthy romantic partner.

  • Completely rewire your brain and body to be the most powerful version of yourself.

Is ready to step into your POWER!


The Flow Coach 1:1 program is designed to activate your personal power and completely transform your life.

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Friends Having Breakfast
Person dancing at the club
In Love
No more playing small.
No more hiding.
No more people-pleasing.
No more settling.
About Tina

About Tina Marx

Tina Marx has been a life/business coach for the #1 real estate coaching company for over 7 1/2 years and is now integrating “flow coaching” into her practice.


Tina's interest in flow coaching came about after she realized she is a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), has ADD,  PTSD and has suffered from anxiety and depression as a result which has been debilitating.  Being holistic to her approach in life, antidepressants and anxiety medication was not an option for her.  She realized how compromised her Central Nervous System had become - I was consistently in “fight or flight” so much so that my cortisol (stress hormone) levels were only within range 4 hours a day!

Using the modalities of flow coaching, inner child work, sound frequencies, breath work, cold therapy, proper nutrition, reframing and  subconscious reprogramming completely changed my life and I am here to bring it to you!


When we are in the “flow state”, we are at ease, people and opportunities flow to us, we are clear, focused and in a high vibration allowing things to manifest easily and effortlessly.


The flow coaching program focuses on 9 pillars: 

Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Relationships, Career, Purpose, Financial and Social.


Tina’s coaching provides personable and clear guidance for balancing, strengthening and integrating the 9 pillars. Her process is in direct alignment with what it takes to be clear, powerful and purposeful in a world that can be filled with distractions, uncertainties and overwhelming decisions. 

Tina has the innate ability to identify obstacles that are blocking one's path to success and to communicate it in an empathetic yet powerful manner.

Tina is also a podcaster, 2x author, single parent and cancer survivor.

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is a 1:1 transformational experience that it is catered directly for you and your unique situation. Healing is not cookie cutter, and neither is this. Together we will get to the root cause of what has been holding you back, work in your subconscious mind to rewrite your story and create a powerful future as the person you always wanted to be. 



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Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to live in FEAR and  take what we are given in life, settle for mediocre relationships rather than creating the life we truly desire.  

This Program is about doing the deep work to heal and literally creating a new version of you in the world, completely capable, empowered, in love with yourself and in love with life.

My unique approach to coaching comes from a truly holistic perspective. I work with you on all levels; spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically because everything is connected.


This program took me the past two years to implement and use in my own life after suffering severe depression, anxiety, sadness, shame and guilt.  Through this process I have learned how to truly love myself, feel safe and inspired, create a healthy, loving with myself and others and to step into my purpose fully.  I take everything that I have learned and implement and give it to you.  I have developed processes that work to create deep, effective and lasting change in your life. (Maybe use this in the description part of my 1:1 coaching as well?

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