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Intimacy: Into You and Me I See: 8 Principles for Achieving Healthy Relationships Paperback

Have you ever felt?: Like there was something terribly wrong with you? Like everyone else (but you) seems to have the answers? Completely disconnected and detached from yourself and others? Paralyzed by fear and loneliness? That if only you had some direction and guidance you could make something of yourself? That if only you had more money, time, were thinner, smarter, or more attractive you would be happy? Like something fundamental is missing from your life? If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, chances are you need to “resurface” in your own life. Inside this book you will rediscover: -Who you are and why you are here. -How to find, attract, and instill your passion and purpose. -How to reconnect with yourself and others so you can build happy, successful, and loving relationships. -How to move from a fear-based mindset to a faith-based mindset. -How to make each day and each moment count. The Domino Effect illustrates how each decision you make warrants another decision, creating a series of events – the “domino effect.” What determines your decisions is your mental attitude, your mindset. Learn how to transform your mindset so you can reclaim the life you were born to live!

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Intimacy: Into You and Me I See: 8 Principles for Achieving Healthy Relationships

Relationships are designed to show us a deeper part of ourselves so we can further our development. We were born to love without conditions, greed, selfishness and lack. Unfortunately As we grow older our situations appear to become more challenging, and our perception becomes distorted. Clarity, intuition, and complete trust are replaced with uncertainty, limited perception, and fear. With such perceptions, it is no wonder that so many marriages end in divorce. It is in the depths of one’s heart that a truly loving, caring, and trusting relationship develops, but a guarded heart prevents the deep connection that is the glue in any meaningful relationship. It is when we allowing another person to see us for who we really are that our full potential in intimacy is reached.

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